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Sometime in the mid 1980s, I heard that there was a 1928 Austin 7 chassis found leaning against a garage in the Kimbolton area about a 5 hour drive from home. It was complete with front and back end. The owner had made a attempt to do something with it but gave up

I purchased it, had a body made in Auckland and from there I spent many hours at swap meets and generally collecting the bits from all sorts of scources. Wheels were a problem, I did manage to buy a set of new Dunlop rims and was getting mentally prepared to make up a set when a good set turned up at a swap meet ( I still have the rims). I took a long time to finish it because I put it aside when I bought Gumpy, but finally got back onto the project and it is now complete

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 You buy a car, but you invest in an AUSTIN...You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN... You buy a car but you invest in an AUSTIN